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“Motivating Unskilled & Economically Poor Human Force to Voluntarily Join its Innovative Skill Development Program”

Skill Development means developing yourself and your skill sets to add value for the particular Job which you are going to carry out and for your own career development. Fostering an attitude of appreciation for lifelong learning is the key to any Career success. Continuously learning and developing one's skills requires identifying the skills needed for and then successfully seeking out training and on-the-job opportunities for developing those skills.

Developing your skills begins with assessing which skills are important for your desired career development to a successful livelihood. To work close with the Mentors to identify the types of skills that will help move you forward in your career.

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In Association with TNSDC

Inventcare is proud to be associated with Skill Development Corporation to bring about a change in the service industry. With high quality of curriculum and training set in 6 categories, this program will alleviate the way services are rendered by our trainees.

Basic Insight

Your success in any pursuit — be it Electrical, Plumbing, Driving, Security Services, Beautician, House Keeping — comes as a result of developing the right skills. Of course we agree that there are people who achieve a goal just by clicking it or through luck, but if you wish to achieve consistent success in a field, you need to have a solid grounding in your skills. Skip the stage of skill acquisition and you will never be able to achieve your goal. You’ll only end up failing or achieving mediocre results. If you want to show excellent results, the answer is Skill Development.


To make 75% of all the successful Trainees either Self Employed or to provide with Employment Opportunity.


The objective of this Program is to encourage skill Development for Unskilled and Economically Poor Human force by providing Monetary Rewards for successful completion of approved Training Programs. Mainly, the Scheme aims to:

Benefit 900 unskilled & economically poor human work forces with Self Employment/Employment opportunity.

Provide Monetary Rewards for Skill Certification to boost Self Employability/Employability and productivity by incentivizing them for Skill Trainings in respective area of specialisation.

Increase productivity of the existing workforce and align the training and certification to the needs of the Service Industry.

Encourage standardization in the certification process and initiate a process of creating a registry of Skills with Skilled Work Force.

Innovative Methodology

The Inventcare Skill Development Initiative Program initiates an innovative concepts and practices on Skill Development in a new Methodology. A committee has been set up to review all such innovations and to facilitate their application on a wider scale. Selected innovative practices will be facilitated and propagated for wider application. Your development should follow the 80-10-10 rule:

Get into Action:

There is no better way to learn than to get right into thick of things and do it. Strategizing and planning are important, but at some point you need to start executing the plans. When you start doing, you get immediate feedback on your progress and whether it fits with your expectations. Until you try, it will always remain in your mind as a hypothesis. Doing things closes all the ‘what ifs’ and creates momentum to move forward. So do it and no other excuse.

Target to be Trained for Duration :

900 unskilled Resources in 6 Months Period (150 in each Category).

Concept of Training :

Mentor – Trainee Concept (Innovative)


18 – 40 Yrs of Age

5th Std. Pass/fail

Courses for Enrolment:

Electrical Fittings


Security Services

House Keeping




Minimum 85% attendance compulsory for Certification.

Joint Certification of Inventcare with TNSDC for all the Courses.