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1-800-3002-0535 What is Inventcare

This feature is particularly useful for providing Inventcare users the ability to keep their family, employer and school informed about their movement and seek assistance in case of emergencies. This feature also provides direction and duration time to the Inventcare users during their trip . When the Trip Secure user does not reach a destination in the estimated duration time, the Inventcare support team calls the person and guides him to the destination and in case of no response, it invokes an emergency and follows the emergency protocol. This features is also useful for employees to keep their HR informed of their travel and automatically invokes help from their organisation when needed, besides the Inventcare Emergency Support Team.


This feature uses the power of technology and the 24/7 Inventcare emergency support team in case of a physical emergency. When Inventcare is invoked, the emergency support team immediately calls the person and verifies the emergency. In a verified emergency, Inventcare immediately notifies the emergency contacts and also sends critical information like the location of the incident and video capture of the incident to the police and guides them to the victim. In case of a Medical Emergency, the Inventcare Medical support team does the same as in a physical emergency and also sends the closest available ambulance to the victim using geographical coordinates within the golden hour. The Report an incident feature allows an Inventcare user to notify Inventcare of any third party incident that they would like to report or provide Inventcare assistance.


This feature keeps the parents connected to their children using the proprietary Inventcare tracker. The parents can see the exact location of the child at any given time through Inventcare. For Eg: In school, in tuition, in games, in movie theater, with baby sitter etc. The Child Secure app also has a unique LIVE monitor which when used allows the parent to hear the child for 10 seconds. The child also has the ability to press a red button in the device to notify the parent of any potential threat or discomfort so that the parent can take appropriate action. In the event, the child does not have the Inventcare Secure Tracker but has a smart Phone, the smart phone details can be added in Inventcare and the same feature can be used. This tracking feature will be enabled in Inventcare only when the child accepts the invitation for being tracked and protected through the Inventcare app. The child being secured and protected must also be a registered user of Inventcare.


Transport Module provides with a GPS tracking device that could be fitted in any vehicle to track its whereabouts at any given point in time. Like in school buses or by logistic companies.

This is especially useful if the school management could have this device fitted in their school bus and the device id shared with the parents of the children travelling in the bus.

This helps the parents to be available at the right time at the pick-up / drop location of the kid instead of waiting unnecessarily.